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A Young Ladd Turns


April 15, 2020

About Mr. Ladd

Harvey’s life is most definitely one to be celebrated! He is a first-generation American, one of 4 children of a Russian immigrant. Harvey was born April 15, 1920, in Chicago. It’s impossible to put his incredible achievements into words, so here are a few highlights. He’s worked in the airline industry and in textiles; he is a navy veteran; he’s been a peace officer for the City of Dallas. He’s met Ross Perot, he was friends with Abe Zapruder who filmed the Kennedy assassination; he knows the guy whose family invented broccoli; he’s traveled the world with his wife and they’ve got great stories to tell! If you ever stop by to meet him, he’ll be more than happy to show you his brag book!

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Mr. Harvey Ladd
3021 Ridge Rd PMB 175
Rockwall, TX 75032
Please use a sponge, wet cloth or sticker to seal the envelope out of caution due to COVID-19. Precautions will be taken when opening Harvey’s mail.
And just to put it into perspective, envision the landmarks he’s witnessed in his lifetime:

  • 2 world wars
  • The invention of television, first black and white and then color
  • The rise of the automobile
  • Airplanes
  • The internet
  • Countless others
One of the best things he’s taught his family is that we’re all in this world together and it’s our responsibility to help take care of our fellow mankind. His sense of modesty and charity, and the fact that he credits his wife Rila for him being alive all this time make him one of the most humble human beings.

He is the finest example of life well-lived and thoroughly enjoyed. Today he resides in Rockwall, TX, with his wife Rila. He has 3 children, 10 grandchildren (19 if you count their spouses) and 15 great-grandchildren.